Cultivation of Njavara is an art. Since Njavara is a medicinal rice, it has to be cultivated organically. The photographs in our website throws light to the various stages and methods adopted in cultivating this jewel of a rice variety which we have branded as "NAVARATNA NAVARA".
MOSTLY THE DIRECT SOWING METHOD IS ADOPTED, since the duration of the crop is only 68 to 90 days, depending on the time of cultivation. Transplanting can also be done provided the transplantation is over in 20 days. The photos of transplantation in our site are of the 19th day. A lot of green manure is applied which is clear from the photographs. Heavy fencing of glyrecedia is in the background of our photos.
The cow dung is also used as a manure - we tend cows at our farm. We also prepare vermi compost- see photos of the same. Another nutrient called panchagavyam is prepared. This is a combination of five ingredients we source from the cow-urine, cow dung, milk, ghee and curd-mixed in different time span at a particular proportion, left for curing for a certain period. This is kept in containers and used as per requirement after diluting with water.

This is also a pest/ moth repellent apart from an effective folial spray of manure. Another method to destroy pest is by catching them using a net. The rats do a lot of damage to the -
paddy and cause a lot of damage to the crops. The paddy rats very intelligently select the best part of the crop. The control of the paddy rats is manual
We have also found the use of trichograma cards effective in controlling rice case worm. Deweeding and harvesting is also done manually. All the activities are done in a highly participative spirit and lot of employment is generated especially for women. All the activities have a subtle rhythm and pace in tune with nature and nature responds as is evident from the lush green background with active vegetation. Apart from dragonflies our farm is home to varieties of butterflies and birds and at times peacocks, the national bird of India , makes a visit!!!!!

There is no water pollutants or air pollutants. We make sure that in no way the medicinal properties of Njavara gets diluted. By planting medicinal herbs like Thulasi and trees like Neem, Red sandal, Koovalam etc we give a fragrance of indigenous medicine to our farm.

Any product coming out such an environment has to be of the
best quality

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